logging 10000 Years into the future Novel

‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future Novel’ is an excellent Japanese manga novel that is mesmerizing readers all over the world. At the beginning of the revolutionary era of martial arts, terrible demons began to invade the world. Their main objective is to defeat humanity’s renowned warriors one by one. 

In this story, Lu Sheng one day begins to dream about a world ten thousand years in the future, where he discovers that rudimentary physical training techniques have advanced and become a hundred times more efficient. Martial arts scriptures, brain-strengthening exercises, and much more. But the surprising thing in the future world is that humanity will not exist. Let us find out the story of the novel in detail:

Overview of logging 10000 years into the future Novel

Overview of Logging 10000 Years Into the future Novel - Rewiewtrends

‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future Novel’ is famous as a sci-fi novel where martial arts become an essential art for survival. This novel has been written by a brilliantly talented Asura. He created a story that blends the rich charisma of ancient traditions. In that future world, the fabric of existence frays and it tears apart the divisions between worlds. The boundary between past and future begins to blur and martial arts evolve from a noble discipline to an essential skill for survival.

  • At the beginning of Martial Arts Year 1, the illusory veil between Earth and Heaven begins to deteriorate. As a result, dangerous heavenly demons begin to enter Earth’s atmosphere with the intention of attacking and ruling the world.
  • But these outside foreign invaders faced stiff resistance by martial arts year 100. Humans started improving their skills in martial arts to defeat the approaching darkness and protect our world.
  • Martial Arts In the year 200, the downfall of humanity begins. As time passes, the habitual realms gradually fall into the relentless abyss of external demons. The rays of hope begin to fade as the delicate balance loses its strength.
  • Lu Sheng enters the martial arts year 300, with a personality with the ability to change fate. He has memories of 10,000 years in the future as he traverses distant times and ages. Lou has a unique insight that he uses to uncover hidden secrets.
  • In Martial Arts Year 10000, a surprising truth was unveiled. However, the martial arts excellence was reached and there were no takers left. The prosperous human race began to disappear into history. Few signs of humanity left at that time. There was only one person- ‘Lu Sheng’ left as the last ray of hope for the world. The future of civilization depends on the victory of Lu.

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Exploring the Martial Arts Years:

Exploring the Martial Arts Years - Rewiewtrends

‘Logging 10000 years into the future Novel’ is a beautifully written manga that transcends beyond time. Let’s explore the Martial Arts Years one-by-one in detail:

Year 1: Invasion of Foreign Monsters Due to the Cracks between Earth & Heaven

In the early days of the Future world, life on Earth was running normally and humanity was living their normal lives. But with a gate opening between Earth and Heaven, unknown demons begin to enter the world. Due to this, the delicate balance of the earth gets disturbed and human life becomes difficult.

Year 100: Humans Clash with Invaders and Rise of Martial Arts

Logging 10000 years into the future novel, the human spirit finds itself vulnerable to invaders. This gives rise to martial arts as the last ray of hope amidst darkness.

Year 200: Habitual Zones Under Alert as Humanity Declines

Despite martial excellence, there is a fear of defeat among humanity. The habitual zones, which was once considered a safe place, has turned into a battlefield. The foreign monsters are winning the war and are starting to dominate the world. The conflict reached a point where habitual territories were completely destroyed.

Year 300: Arrival of Lu Sheng’s Arrival in the story

The arrival of Lu Sheng offers a ray of hope for humanity as he comes from the future. His arrival in ‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future Novel’ has also raised hopes among the people as he is equipped with 10000 years of knowledge. He embarks on a path that blends present, past, and future in unimaginable ways. 

Year 10000: Use of Wisdom Against Invaders

Apart from Lu Sheng’s good physique, the most important weapon that he has is his immense knowledge. Since he has the wisdom of 10,000 years, he always uses it against foreign invaders.

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Exploring the Characters of Novel

The characters in the novel ‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future Novel’ are very charming, each with a unique characteristic that keeps its readers engaged throughout the story. Let’s begin the story of these captivating characters:

1. Lu Sheng: The Last Ray of Hope for Humanity

Lu Sheng is the protagonist of the ‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future Novel’. He is a character who crosses the limits of time & space. He has an immense knowledge of centuries. Therefore, he uses his intelligence against the demons.

2. Martial Artists are the Heroes of Resilience

In the novel ‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future’, martial artists fight alien monsters so bravely. These martial artists are known for their bravery. The conflicts demonstrated excellent fighting skills with an undying spirit.

3. Foreign Invaders: The Unknown Monsters

Innumerable dangerous creatures started entering the Earth’s atmosphere. This symbolizes the mystical challenges that are included in the novel very well.

4. Enemies Become Allies

With the passage of time, enemies become friends in the tale of ‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future Novel.’ It underscores the power of unity against a common danger.

5. Deep Connections Between Characters

The interactions and deep bonding between the characters reflect the beauty of ‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future Novel’. The plot of the story is reflected in alliances, conflicts, and the development of characters.


The ‘Logging 10000 Years into the Future Novel’ combines ancient martial arts traditions with an incredible glimpse of a future world. Due to its mesmerizing story, readers find themselves immersed in its pages. It blends martial arts mastery and humanity’s struggle for survival. From the earliest cracks in Earth’s atmosphere to the pinnacle of martial arts, the emotional story keeps its readers hooked.

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