Blackboard.mdc: A LMS (Learning Management System) Used by Miami Dade College

It was a drastic change during the COVID-19 period. Things get entirely changed. Technology has given a lot of initiative to survive in this condition. School, Colleges, Universities, and many more organizations transmitted themselves online. Many organizations started using their own platform CRM or LMS to keep records and connect with their people.

What is Blackboard.mdc?

What is Blackboard.mdc - Rewiewtrends

Blackboard.mdc was a learning platform that was used by Maimi Dade College. It was a great help for the student and the teacher both. Today, It’s a fast-paced world, where students are devoted to exploring and participating in multiple activities.

Blackboard.mdc provides students to access their course materials, encounter discussions, submit assignments, and get feedback. It was a huge change in the classroom, from traditional to technical where students can access their tasks and study material at the same place as well as they can submit their assignments projects etc. 

Some Common Features of Blackboard.mdc

There are many features on this platform that make it handy for users. The main highlighted features are mentioned below-

  • Communication/Chat: 

For a productive outcome, it is extremely important that people should be connected. Using separate platforms just for communication is not a wise idea so Blackboard.mdc provides inbuilt communication features where students directly connect with their teachers. 

  • Study material and management:

On this platform, school colleges upload their entire study material. It will become so convenient for the learners that they don’t have to spend their time finding learning resources. It makes student life convenient 

  • Task/Assessment 

Teachers use it to assign tasks and assessments by using this platform Students have to submit it on the platform only. It is very convenient for students they can view the task, see the deadlines, and get feedback on the platform only. 

  • Collaboration 

This platform provides collaboration features so as per the task students can collaborate with each other which enhances students’ productivity. This platform is changing the traditional ways of teaching and learning they provide complete support to productivity. 

  • Phone, Tablet, and PC’s accessibility

To become great any platform has to be very convenient so does the backboard. Blackboard.mdc provides simple handy support to the user. Users can access the platform on any device whether it is Windows, Android, Mac, etc. It provides complete support to the user.

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How to create an account on Blackboard.mdc?

To create a student account students have to follow the below instructions

  • It asks to provide essential details like- Student ID or SSN (Social Security Number) First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth
  • After providing this information it will give you information regarding their computing policies and then create a password for security purposes it make security questions
  • After completion of this process, Blackboard sends the username to the registered email. Students have to remember their username and password for the sake of inconvenience.

Support Blackboard.mdc

Blackboard platform provides two kinds of support one is a student and the second is faculties so it is a big compatible support for any organization that wants to use it. 

Student Support 

For students, it’s very easy. if they are having any trouble login or any XYZ problem they can directly contact to MDC Online help desk by following the steps. 

  1. Online: Students directly submit a “Trouble Ticket” to the help desk by emailing support team connects with the student. 
  2. Through phone: Students can directly call to Blackboard Student Support Desk at (305) 237-3800

Support for Faculties

To resolve faculty problems they have separate resources, faculty can directly connect by contacting them or through email as well as live chat for Calling purposes connect at (305) 237-3700 (24/7) and also can email

Application Support

Apart from these features MDC (Miami Dade College) also provides a mobile app and remote learning software.

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MDC stopped using Blackboard

From April 28, 2023, MDC (Miami Dade College) stopped using LMS noe they stopped using it and moved forward to Canvas as their primary learning management system. 

As per the review of Miami Dade College’s official website, Canvas is a highly user-friendly and effective LMS as it has proven more effective for students and faculties as per the management and courses and educational purposes. 

Why is MDC using Canvas?

Like Blackboard.mdc, Canvas is also a learning management system that is used by many well-known organizations. It has multiple customized features like Assignments, Discussions, Modules, Quizzes, and pages that are very great user experiences for the students It is a complete collaboration, conference, and Group as per the course recommendation. 

These are some effective features that help students grow effectively as well and it is very helpful for faculty members to operate. It also provides a skills-based course so that learners can follow it. It works analytically and progressively. 


Blackboard.mdc is an online platform that allows organizations to manage their learning system. Miami Dade College was using this platform as their learning management system till 28 April 2023 after they started using Canva as their learning management system. It is still used by many organizations. It is a very good platform that is evaluated in the field of online learning.

It provides great features to connect students and faculty members to each other as well as a place where learners can go through their curriculum as well as they can access the learning material so they don’t have to waste their time to find things. It is an easy workspace for both students and faculties.

Moreover, Blackboards.mdc is still used by many organizations it provides complete support for their users whether it’s students or faculties. It is a drastic change in the learning process it changes the traditional way of learning to online learning. Collectively blackboard.mdc is a great platform to enhance the ability and productivity of the learner.

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