Life of Sam Golbach- Beyond the Camera

The second most used social media platform after Facebook across the world is YouTube which helps in content creation and distribution. This platform was launched 18 years ago on February 14, 2005. It is loved and utilized by almost all age groups and it has turned out to be an interactive space for people with niche interests. People can create the content as creators, consume the content as a subscriber, and interact with one another via comments. 

According to reports, almost 2 billion people are monthly active users of YouTube and at least 15 minutes are spent by an individual on a daily basis. YouTube Premium, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, and YouTube Shorts are some of the products offered by YouTube services.

There are millions of creators on YouTube all around the globe and as the growing pace is concerned, these numbers might take a massive digit in the future as more individuals and organizations are joining YouTube to create and share their content to a mass audience.

One such creator is Samuel John Golbach, professionally known as Sam Golbach is an American Content Creator, YouTuber, and social media personality. By profession, he is a YouTuber and also an entrepreneur. He’s popularly known for the collaborative channel ‘Sam & Colby’.

He also uploads live streams on YouNow which the audience loves watching. He met Colby while completing his education at Blue Valley High School, USA. His net worth is approximately $ 638k according to official YouTube stats.

Beginning of Sam Golbach’s Career

Sam Golbach started his career with Vine App, which was an American short-form video hosting service which got discontinued in 2017. The application failed because of high competition, lack of monetization, employee turnover, and advertising possibilities. At the time of the shutdown of the app, Sam already crossed a million followers.

In October 2014, he started his YouTube channel with Cole Brock, also known as, Colby. Initially, both of them created prank videos in local stores and malls. Together they completed over 1.6 million subscribers. Currently, they enjoy the subscription of over 10 million people on their channel. 

The most famous video on Sam Golbach & Colby is ‘THE STANLEY: USA’s Most Haunted Hotel’ which has almost 34 million views. They also launched a project “The Life Project” where they explained the importance of implying healthier life skills to people. The duo offers videos and podcasts in this project which have necessary skills and values for the kids and teens to learn which are not part of academic learning. 

Sam Golbach shared his feelings related to the project where he discussed how he lost a lot of time in life to figure out the goods of it as he never had an elder brother. He also added that he didn’t want the same loss of his fans so he along with Colby designed this project. Sam owns another channel which he started in 2016 and today he has almost 2.6 million subscribers.

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Milestones Achieved By Sam Golbach

Milestones Achieved By Sam Golbach - Rewiewtrends

Sam and Colby won the Choice Youtuber Award by Teen Choice Awards 2019 for their collaborative channel and also a Streamy award in the category of Science Fiction. The channel has achieved silver, gold, and now diamond play buttons. Other than this, Sam’s channel also has achieved silver and gold play buttons. A Play button is a type of award or recognition given to creators when they reach a specific amount of audience.

Apart from his social media career, Samuel is also the author of ‘The Paradise Island’ which is inspired by the true adventure of Kauai which the duo, Sam and Colby completed together. The book describes an experience by the duo when they thought of taking a break from their thrilling content and paranormal investigations. The plan was to have a fun and relaxing trip but it turned out to be the most horrifying and mysterious incident of their lives which later was published as a book on November 17, 2020.

Samuel was also part of a Television Series named ‘Stranded with Sam and Colby’ which was released in 2019. Jake D’Onofrio who is known for ‘Dead Hot: Season of the Witch’ (2023) and ‘For Real: The Story of Reality TV’ (2021) also made his appearance in the series.

His Net Worth

Sam Golbach’s estimated net worth is approximately $ 481.84 thousand as per sources but his real net worth is not confirmed yet. Some other sources also predict his net worth is approximately $ 674 thousand. 

If we calculate as per the YouTube monetization policy and Sam’s YouTube stats, his annual earning must be around $120 thousand to $200 thousand. Apart from this, Sam also has a mutual earning source through partnerships, collaborations, and paid promotions.

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About Personal Life of Sam Gobach

About Personal Life of Sam Golbach - Rewiewtrends

Sam Golbach is originally from Leewood, Kansas, USA was born on November 27, 1996. His personal life is not very public but as the sources say he was dating Katrina Stuart, a 23-year-old Canadian pop singer famous for her cover songs on Maroon 5, Beyonce` and many more. Sam has also appeared in a cover song of Ed-Sheeran with Katrina Stuart. Both of them started dating in 2016 but in 2023 both decided to part ways as Sam was not ready for the next step in their relationship.

Struggles in the Youtube’s Journey

On 16th January 2019 while shooting a YouTube video for his collaborative channel at the abandoned school building in Hillsborough County, Florida, both Sam Golbach and Colby were busted for entering into a property without a permit. The police arrested the two and took them to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Final Thoughts

The genre of his content is based on thrilling and scary kinds of videos. The scope of horror content on YouTube is popular and extensive these days. It provides entertainment to people who are interested in exploring the dark side of adventure and thrill. Another popular creator of this particular genre is Reignbot, also known as Reign Dilacova, which enjoys a family of almost 1.35 million subscribers. Nowadays, people are fond of such paranormal and spine-chilling content.

It has been almost 9 years since Sam Golbach is creating haunted-exploration videos. He seems active on his collaboration channel but it has been a year since he uploaded any video on his channel. Fans must be expecting a good comeback from Sam Golbach which could be new and unique this time.

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