Water Bottle Bong: A Creative Solution for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Every cannabis lover faces a condition in which they have run out of supplies. Sometimes they don’t have smoking equipment with which to ingest the magical herbs. It may be due to your friend abandoning you at the last minute. You are left in a new city or a place with only your nugs. You can’t simply keep smoking things at home. such a scenario necessitates some originality & improvisation. Let’s discuss the process of making a water bottle bong in detail:

Overview of Water Bottle Bong

  • A bong is similar to just a Hookah in India. But the bong is smaller in size and more portable. Water bottle bongs can be made at home too. People have been creating aesthetically attractive & potent bongs out of common household materials.
  • People believe in saying that the sky’s the limit when it comes to DIY. We have known people who own perfectly good equipment but prefer to make their own bong. The making of a bong can be more fun. Users fall into any of these categories. They’ve a look at how to create a simple bong out of common household objects.
  • A word of caution for the eager tokers out there. Keep in mind that we’re using a plastic bottle to produce it. It may contain some dangerous particles that will find their way into your smoke. Try this method when nothing else works. Let’s get started and let your creative ideas run. We will tell you to prepare to learn how to build a bong.

A Temporary Solution: Water Bottle Bong

  • Before we go into detail about how & what to create a water bottle bong out of. A water bottle bong isn’t a long-term option for a number of reasons. To start with the best-made water bottle bong that is a little shaky.
  • Water Bottle Bong is made up of a number of plastic materials. It was never intended to be utilized in this manner. It’s wonderful for a quick smoke session or two. It’s not the way to go for a long-term bong alternative.
  • Users must invest in a high-quality glass bong. It will last & not slowly harm you by inhaling plastic fumes over & over. Users don’t have access to a glass bong. There are different ways to make your own homemade bottle bong in the meantime!

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Items Needed to Make a Water Bottle Bong:

Here’s everything you’ll need to construct a homemade water bottle bong:

  • An empty plastic water bottle
  • A pen with a metal tip
  • A Lighter and Scissors
  • Gum/Tape
  • Ground cannabis

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Easy Tips to Make a Water Bottle Bong

Step 1: 

  • The first step in the preparation of a bottle bong is to manufacture a downstem. It bowls for your plastic bottle bong. Start by unscrewing all of the parts of a pen. Remove the ink refill & end screw. So, users only have the body of the pen & its top V-shaped metal screw-on-top. 
  • Consider the body of the pen to be your downstem. The top screw is a bowl. Simply turn the metal screw-on-top upside down to finish the component. It pushes it into the shaft of the pen just enough to hold it tightly.

Step 2:

  • The second stage in the preparation of a water bottle bong is to attach the downstem & bowl that we created to the bong. Ensure that the bottle of the user is completely empty. Remove the cap & drain any remaining water. Ensure no sticky residue remains in it in case you are using a coke bottle. Making a bong by using a plastic bottle is a straightforward technique.
  • Consider where the downstem & bowl are on a bong. Find how much space you’ve on your water bong. It’s normally at the bottom or bottom third of the bottle. You’ve the pen pipe, but we need to drill a hole to attach it to the bottle. Light the bottom third of the bottle using a lighter. Quickly insert the end of the pen into it once the fire has melted the plastic. Ensure the metal screw is on the outside of the bottle & the other end is on the inside.
  • You may have failed on your initial attempt as the bottle didn’t crave an adequately sized hole. Repeat the technique until the pen pipe is securely attached. I hope this helps to address some of the questions on how to make a bottle bong. Let us proceed to the next phase of Bong making.

Step 3:

  • You’ve positioned the pen pipe & created a flawless downstem and bowl. But you still need to secure it. The reason for this is that until the hole & pipe are completely closed. A lot of smoke can escape through the little crevices. 
  • It renders the efforts of users as ineffective. The DIY bong needs a little more effort than you people thought of. There’re no leaks in the best handmade water bong. You can use either glue or duct tape to close the gap.

Step 4: 

This stage includes filling your bong with water. It must be filled only enough to immerse the down end of the pen pipe. Permit water to reach the spot. This is the spot where the pipe meets the bottle and may weaken the glue.

Step 5: 

You can use a scissor or a lighter in case you want to pierce a carburetor. Make careful to do this on the side opposite the downstem. Make a small hole with the scissors. They don’t pierce it too deeply.

Step 6:

Pack your plants inside the bowl and ignite it. It uses the water bottle mouth as the bong mouthpiece. Inhale & have a wonderful DIY smoking experience.


Water Bottle Bong is useful equipment for smokers. Some heavier particles & water-soluble molecules can be trapped by the water. Bing prevents them from entering into the lungs of smokers. The mechanics of a bong are compared to those of a lab gas-cleaning bottle. When there is enough smoke in the bong. The carb is removed or the stem is split from the bong. It permits the remaining smoke to be consumed by the person.

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