Interesting Genre and Storyline of Helmut: The Forsaken Child

If we talk about the best and trendy current manhwa, Hemut The Forsaken Child is one of them. The main reason for the popularity of this manhwa is its strong storyline, stunning visuals, unique premise, and wide appeal which make it extraordinary.

In the current era manhwa and manga are becoming famous there are multiple reasons for becoming famous, however, in Japan and Korea this concept started in the early 1900s, and at that time it was published in newspapers or some magazines. Those were also in the form of chapters and were published in a month or week. With time it didn’t fade up it evolved from physical mode to digital mode. Digital mode gave it a new way and currently, it’s going on.

About the Storyline of Helmut: The Forsaken Child

About the Storyline of Helmut The Forsaken Child - Rewiewtrends

Hemut The Forsaken Child, a South Korean manhwa that is written and illustrated by Lee Jea-hyeon. It was first, published on the webtoon platform kakaoPage in 2021, It was also licensed in English by Ablaze Manga. Till now they published 41 chapters of the series. 

Helmet is a boy who is left behind in a demonic beast forest. There he was brought up with demonic beasts, and from his childhood he learned many skills hunting, fighting, sward, etc. As he was raised by demons he has other powers like straight and speed as well. However, he does not have human emotions like socializing, human emotions, and maturity which make one human. 

His life changed when he met a human Darien who was looking for Sward’s saint. Helmut helps him to become a swad man and Darien helps him to learn how to be human. The story of Helmut continues with the question of existence and identity. As he rises by breasts he is also loyal to them. He is balancing two different lives at the same time which is iconic.

About the Author of Helmut The Forsaken Child 

Helmut The Forsaken Child is written by Lee Jea-hyeon. He is a South Korean artist and writer. If we talk about his great literary works The Blade of Evaluation, The Great Mage Return after 4000 Years, Walking Alone in the Dungeon (2016-20), and Helmut: The Forsaken Child (2021-ongoing)

Kim Jea-hyeon is the illustrator of Helmut: The Forsaken Child. He worked for most of his works like- The Blade of Evaluation, The Great Mage Return after 4000 Years, Walking Alone in the Dungeon (2016-20), and Helmut: The Forsaken Child (2021-ongoing). 

They both as a writer and illustrators come up as great artists. They gave a new challenge to the writer with their strong storytelling unique premise, and stunning visuals. It is a great commercial success collectively it gained over 100 million views on kakaoPage.

Why Helmut The Forsaken Child is famous?

There are many of bring famous Helmut The Forsaken Child. Some are mentioned here:

  • Powerful Storyline: It is an action-adventure that is full of twists and turns that keep readers stuck with the novel. 
  • Stunning Visuals: The visuals of the manhwa are as great as its story. For visualization, they used vibrant and cool colors to represent it. 
  • Unique Premise: It is a repulsive story where mostly in stories they go good to evil, but this story is going from evil to good as well as the fear of existence where the main character is finding his place in the real world which is so relatable for the readers.

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Why Helmut The Forsaken Child is on break 

Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 41 is on the break. Basically, the current volume of the series is completed so there are high chance that the creators of the series are waiting to build a great story so they can fulfill the parameters that they already have set. So they need a little break to come up with new exotic ideas.

Helmut The Forsaken Child Volume 1 was released in early 2021 and by August 2023 they completed 40 chapters of the series from beginning to end they added extremely exquisite moments probably it will probably be continued till the next volume.

Release Date of Helmut The Forsaken Child Chapter 41

Till that time there was no specific information on the internet but where Lee ended the last chapter there is a very high chance that they are coming up with big ideas and it will continue with time.

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Genre of Helmut The Forsaken Child 

Helmut The Forsaken Child is about belonging, identity, and the power of love. It is an adventure, action, and self-discovery. The combination of these inciting incidents makes it exotic. A few highlights are mentioned below.

  • Action: The action sequence of the series is very exquisite. Swordman’s skills and the fight with demos make it very expressive in both sense writing and graphics.
  • Fantasy:  The main focus of the story is to show the fantasy world of demons, beasts, and a few other mythical creatures with the collective action it a big bang of adventure.
  • Adventure: Helmut: The Forsaken Child is covering the journey of Helmut who is finding the answer to his self-existing and self-discovery. 
  • Drama: It is about the finding. Finding love, belongings, and identity which is very relatable in the real world, and making the connection with the real words. 

Alternatives manhwa of Helmut The Forsaken Child 

There are many manhwa and manga that cover the same kind of fantasy in their story. In the list of manhwa, The Beginning After the End, Solo Leveling, The God of High School, Tower of God, Nobless, etc., are some famous alternatives of Helmut: The Forsaken Child.

Sum up

Helmut The Forsaken Child is a fantasy manhwa that was released in 2021 and till August it is ongoing but now it is on hold. Now one knows the reason for the hold however, volume 1 is completed. It has gained 100 million views now, and everyone is talking about it because it is on hold. It is a great competition for new writers and illustrators. It is a big change in the world of webtoon novels.

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