Besos: A Global Perspective & Historical Insights

Kissing is neither instinctive nor natural as it is perceived to be. There are some civilizations that do not accept kissing. Kissing in public places is permitted in some countries, while it is prohibited in others. Kiss feeding is a practice where mothers in some civilizations feed their infants. It is bypassing masticated food from mouth to mouth. It is where kissing originated as a learned behavior. There’re certain indigenous communities still exist that practice kiss feeding.

In contrast to this, kissing may be a grooming behavior dictated by culture. The sensual kissing may serve as a complement to & a stand-in for intimate sexual contact. Kissing is not a behavior exclusive to people. Some animals like dogs and cats lick each other and there are a number of other species that do the same. Let’s discuss about Besos & related tips in detail:

Overview of Besos:

  • Kissing offers a lot of benefits to people. There are different types of besos prevalent across the globe. Primates such as Bonobo apes besos each other on a regular basis. These animals may be grooming and smelling each other. They converse with one another instead of kissing. But their behavior suggests & reinforces trust.
  • Ancient Indian Vedic literature seems to discuss kissing. The Kama Sutra is thought to have been written in the 2nd century. It has a full chapter devoted to different kissing techniques. When Alexander the Great entered India in 326 BCE. The Indians taught the Greeks the art of sensual kissing. This doesn’t imply that sensual kissing didn’t start in India. Kissing did not exist before the oral tradition of Vedic books.
  • Herodotus also describes kissing among the Persians in the Histories. It dates back to the 5th century BCE. They would besos the mouth of men of the same level. They also kiss the cheek of persons of slightly lesser position. Herodotus also says that the Egyptians refused to give the Greeks a kiss on the mouth. It happened since the Greeks had eaten cows. The cow was considered sacred to the Egyptians.

Tracing the Presence of Besos in the Ancient Time:

  • The Ancient Testament also discussed kissing. Jacob besos their blind father Isaac by pretending to be Esau. Jacob gets the blessing of his brother. One of the lovers begs, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for thy love is better than wine,” in the Song of Songs, a celebration of sexual love.
  • The practice of kissing spread during the Roman era. Romans kissed their family members, friends & even their rulers. They made a difference between a besos on the lips & besos on the hand. The Besos on the cheek is different from a deep kiss.
  • Roman kisses include a number of functions. It includes social, legal, political & sexual. Roman citizens might kiss the emperor on any part of their body. They may besos from the face to the foot of their king. It depends on the standing of the king. The Roman custom of being married by sharing a kiss in front of a crowd has persisted to this day.

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Some Romantic Besos Tips To Keep Relationship Passionate

  • A nice besos is like a drug as per scientific research. The brain also contributes to the experience by assembling all the necessary information about the other person. It gives you the sync & boosts the mood.
  • You may already be aware that not every kisser leaves you feeling amazed. A competent kisser can kiss sufficiently. It’s a quick peck or a lip-to-lip besos. There’re several tried & true kissing techniques that you should also be aware of.

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Besos is More Than Just Lips Mastering Business

A simple kiss isn’t the best kind that results from meeting lips. A skilled kisser cups the cheek of their partner. He/she runs their hands down their spine to make the kissing experience unique.

  1. Setting the Stage

Less really is more in the case of Besos. A good kisser starts out softly before giving way to a passionate kiss. It’s important to set the scene & act composed. Soft conversations & dark lighting solve the problem of besos between partners.

  1. Keep Calm while Besos

A nice balm has a really pillowy texture to it. The best besos in history have never involved a flaky or dry mess. Keep lip balm on hand as your lips won’t always be soft.

  1. Understand the Rhythm

Both partners have to continue to move their heads in a gentle & continuous wave. Both take each other by the lead & figure out a flow that suits you both.

  1. Mind Your Tongue

There’re a number of kissing techniques. You must be certain of your next action. It’s not important to constantly use your tongue. When you do so, use it sparingly & never wash your face.

  1. Pack it with Surprises

You must be aware of the preferred kissing style of your partner. It keeps them guessing by experimenting with a number of kissing styles at once. You can watch out that your performance doesn’t become overly monotonous.

  1. Be Diverse

There’re a number of besos. Every beso passionate or tender, tells a tale. Make sure your narrative has a clear flow & that you provide a lovely outlet for your emotions.

  1. Moan

Don’t be afraid to express your satisfaction with small squeaks. They’ll be a fantastic turn-on & encourage your spouse to engage more fully in the moment.

  1. Compliment Your Partner

Give your partner a compliment after a besos. They feel good about themselves after listening to this. Moreover, your spouse will look forward to kissing you more. It totally depends on the better they feel about it. It’s a kind gesture to console your lover.


Kissing your loved one looks more exciting than ever before. Besos promotes the salivary flow along with a number of dental benefits. These tips are helpful in reducing the chance of infections. It’s very important to take care while kissing your loved one. You’ve to take extra care when your partner is sick. You can run a higher degree of danger when your partner has a serious illness. There are a number of advantages of besos. Keep doing and enjoying your married life with proper besos!

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