Sissy Training: Most Effective Way to Become a Sissy

Sissy training includes exercises, homework, and important tips that can help anyone. It explores the practice of sissification along with their kink to understand their choices further. Sissification is also known as Hyper Feminization. Sometimes it is also referred to as Feminization. It may be categorized as varied sub-groups on their own. There are a number of challenges associated with the Sissy Training. The inadequacy of most training programs in the public domain. They come in the form of cheap self-published books. These scantily furnished websites are crucial for sissy training.  

The sissy training videos also come as YouTube Hypno videos and are categorized as an adult. These materials end up causing more damage than good. Sissification is considered as harmful to its users. Therefore, it is very important to have a clear understanding of it for newbies. Let’s discuss the concept of Sissy Training, its methods, and its equipment in detail:

Overview of Sissy Training

Overview of Sissy Training - rewiewtrends
  • Sissy training is a part of sissification and it differs between control, servitude, chastity play & domination. The intent includes an interest in sensual acts. The unique clothing, simple arousal, and combination of these factors are important for Sissy training.
  • The approach to each intention is different in the Sissification. For instance, someone interested in sissy training because of their erotic desires. It will follow an approach different from that of someone going into it for the servitude. It will be strictly personal in its intent.
  • Since you are bringing in a 2nd person, it is important that you take time to make them understand where you stand. Compatibility is a pivotal ingredient to a happy sissification experience. Users have to apply the same premise to situations where they pay a professional Domme to fulfill their desires.
  • It is important to be honest with yourself and your intentions. Do not settle for anything offering less than expected. It will help users and their partners to design a great training program. It also incorporates the right tests and exercises to achieve their goals.

Importance of Appearance in Sissy Training

  • The makeup and clothing & accessories are an important part of Sissy Training. It is important to apply the best makeup for this purpose. They will find different types of resources online. It includes classes, books, videos & forums. It also takes time and gives a better understanding of sissification.
  • For clothing and accessories, get familiar with sissification fashion trends and styles, including slutty schoolgirls, princesses, sultry secretaries, innocent virgins, tempting maids, and other cosplays from movies and TV.
  • It is important for users to get familiar with sissification fashion trends & styles. It includes sensual girls, princesses, and many other cosplays from movies and TV. It may also experiment with shoes, wigs, jewelry, and a number of other accessories.
  • Users should learn how to apply lipstick perfectly. Ask your inside sissy to go shopping for feminine clothes. It is humiliating but very arousing for the users. You may try a simple pair of female undergarments and are a newbie.

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Behavioral Modification of Person

  • There are excellent benefits that come up with applying the different training & education methods. It helps an individual act differently in some scenarios. The basic hygiene etiquette or human relationship tips should be instilled in a sissy. The sissy world includes teaching a man to be more feminine than masculine.  
  • To start with this, start by maintaining flirty eye contact. Then they have to sway their hips in an arousing way. The language of that person should be a more feminine and soft voice. Dressing should be as a female and walk in high heels. The tongue twisters are a veritable vocal training tool. It is not supposed to force the male to act feminine for the whole day. It is only aimed at conditioning the male to act feminine during the Sissy Training.

Would You Like to be a Sissy?

  • There’re a number of ways to be a Sissy. Interested people can put on nice clothes. They can apply makeup, and act like a lady. They can also delegate all decisions & instructions to their dominant. That person might even adore diapers and be pampered.
  • That person can be creative with their appearance. Their dominant gets to care for & nurture you. It is important to embrace their inner sissy. It must be a certain way to feel beautiful & feminine. A person can understand how to please a man. They must have a smooth and erotic figure. They wear lingerie & clothing of women. Sissy can be seductive & feminine without having any of those characteristics.

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Sissy Training Equipment

Sissy Training Equipment - rewiewtrends

Sissy training equipment is all about using some techniques and tools to embrace the feminine energy of a person. Therefore, it is important to have the right tools in your hands. There’re a number of equipment that a person needs in their journey of becoming a Sissy. The Sissy training equipment is discussed below in detail:

  1. Makeup

Sissy must be aware of how to paint their face as an authentic feminine mystique. He has to accept her sissyhood. She must find the proper makeup palette that compliments their features. It emphasizes her most feminine traits. It’s very advised that she hire a professional makeup artist. He will apply her makeup the first few times. So that she can learn what works. She can also request that her mistress or master do it for her.

  1. Prostate Massager

Sissy hypno training includes a good amount of sensual training. It’s about learning to appreciate more ‘receptive’ pleasure in the form of prostate stimulation rather than penetration. They’ll need a high-quality prostate massager for this. It’ll assist them to accept the pleasures of their private part stimulation. It is essential for being a good sissy.


Sissy training is an essential part of a Sissy. The private part of a sissy is a vital part of your sissy journey. They might want to get a private part cage to keep everything in check. It’s a way of life that should be lived wherever they feel comfortable. They will need the correct attire for the job. Now is the moment to look for the size of men’s high-heeled shoes. The tight-fitting clothing will highlight their hips & thighs.

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