Poker- How to Play & Chart Ranking in Teen Patti Rules

The  teen patti game is popular in the Indian subcontinent. This game is known as ‘Indian Poker.’ Let us tell you that this is a simplified version of the poker game. In this game players use 52 standard cards without jokers. The number of players is usually around 3-6. Teen patti games are easy to play and anyone can get familiar with the game in just a few minutes. No wonder this game is the most played card game in many Indian households.

How to Play the Teen Patti Game?

  • Poker or Teen Patti game can be easily played with 3 to 6 players. A 52-card deck is used excluding jokers. Players are required to place a wager, called the boot amount, before the cards are dealt. This is the minimum amount that each player has to contribute to the teen patti game. Next, each player receives 3-face down cards.
  • Next, players must call, pick up their cards or fold into an arrangement. According to Teen Patti Chart, just like in poker, a call means that the player leads by starting the game with the initial amount put into the pot.
  • In the beginning, raising the amount means that the player raises it. Furthermore, if a player folds a card, it simply means that he wants to stop betting. The money he has already deposited will be distributed equally among the other members.
  • The bets placed in a poker game must be in equal amounts. I want to simplify for you, for example if the initial bet was 8 coins and the next player raised another 8 coins, the other players also have to raise 8 more coins. So, the remaining players have to collect a total of 8 coins as per the latest bet as per the teen patti rule chart.

Chart Ranking in Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti game is about getting 3 best cards to win all the money as per Teen Patti rules. This can be easily done by classifying each card with a specific rank. The hand with the higher-ranking card wins over the other one with the lower ranking. Let us discuss a list of Teen Patti hand rankings that a player should know to win the game. You can also call these different Teen Patti sequences:

1. Three of a Kind or Trio

If a player receives three cards of the same rank, this is called ‘three of a kind’ or ‘trio’. The lowest ranking here would be a set of three cards of ‘two’. The highest Teen Patti hand ranking would be a set of 3 Aces.

2. Pure Sequence or Straight Flush

To represent a pure sequence, three cards of the same suit must be arranged in an ordered manner, according to the teen patti rule. For example, the highest-ranking will be A-K-Q and the lowest ranking would be 4-3-2 of hearts.

3. Colour or Flush

According to Poker color rules, the player can include any three cards of the same suit to form a flush. For example: K-2-10 of spades. 

4. Pair

Two of the three cards must be of the same rank. For example; A (hearts), A (diamonds), 10 (hearts). This pair forms a pair in teen patti and is considered the highest pair in this poker game.

5. High Card or No pair

In poker hand ranking, if your card does not fall into any of the categories discussed above, it is called a high card as per Teen Patti rules. The hand looks like A (clubs) – 2 (diamonds) – 10 (hearts) would fall under this rank, with the Ace representing the higher-ranking card.


Poker is the easiest online game in comparison to others. Before the distribution of cards, the players will make a bet of a specified sum. Each player will then be dealt 3 cards. They’ll have the option to call, raise, or fold. The player with the highest hand ranking at the end of every round wins the game.

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