Incorporating Ice Cubes Into Sexual Activities and Self-Pleasure

Every summer, as the temperature rises and the sun beats down, I find myself grappling with the challenges of staying cool and composed. Living in the UK, where air conditioning isn’t a standard feature in most homes due to our focus on central heating for the colder months, the sweltering heat can become quite overwhelming. While my abode keeps me toasty warm when snow blankets the ground, the scorching summer weather often leaves me feeling uncomfortably hot and damp. Such conditions can unquestionably put a damper on my sexual appetite. However, I’ve developed a tried-and-true strategy over the years to beat the heat–incorporating ice cubes into my sexual experiences and moments of self-indulgence. Today, I’m excited to reveal some of my frosty, sensual secrets to enhance your own pleasure during these sizzling times.

Practice the Safety Rinse

If you’ve ever witnessed those comical scenes where someone’s tongue gets stuck to a frozen lamppost, or if you’ve had the amusing experience of your lip adhering to an ice-cold popsicle, you’d think this tip would be crystal clear. Give ice cubes or any frozen intimate accessories a quick rinse under running water right before incorporating them into your play.

While this advice might appear to be a no-brainer, it’s easy for us all to get swept away in the fervor of the moment. Don’t let your sensual escapades turn into an uncomfortable or embarrassing ordeal simply because you overlooked the fundamental rule of “icy pleasure.”

Elevating Pleasure Moments with Ice Cubes

Let’s explore the realm of frosty tactics. How might one utilize ice cubes to amplify the joys of intimate encounters and self-indulgence?

Begin by grasping an ice cube delicately between your fingertips, then glide it leisurely over either your own form or that of your partner’s. Engage in the art of teasing, relishing the tingling sensation as it traces a path from the belly button to the expanse of the breasts, over the areolas, descending back down to the pelvic region and the vulva. As the opportune moment arises, permit it to venture further southward, nestling between the labia and caressing the clitoral region, if it’s well-tolerated. Alternatively, you may explore the contours of the penile shaft, encircling the testicles, and journeying down to the perineum.


On a daring note, I once introduced an ice cube within myself while employing a Rose Suction Toy, and the experience was indescribably exhilarating. It left me in sheer awe.

An additional method to incorporate the icy touch in your cool and sensual escapades is by placing a cube in your mouth before engaging in oral pleasure.

Whichever route you choose to embark upon while experimenting with the frigid allure during shared amorous escapades, remember to proceed with deliberate slowness and pay heed to the reactions of your partner. Establishing a safeword before embarking on this journey could prove wise, ensuring that if things become overwhelming, an immediate pause can be initiated.

Frozen Pleasure Products

Are there available for purchase intimate devices and accoutrements tailored for the realm of cool temperature amusements? Worry not, you can experience that sensation of using icy sex toys with items that might already be present in your collection of intimate playthings.

Silicone dildos have the potential to be chilled in the freezer for a few hours to achieve a pleasantly cold sensation. You can buy them at ootyemo. Remember to give it a quick rinse before using it intimately to ensure safety.

In a similar manner, glass dildos can be cooled by placing them in the freezer. High-quality glass dildos are often made from borosilicate glass, which is both freezer and body-safe. To prevent discomfort or freezer burn on sensitive areas, make sure to rinse the dildo or let it sit for a while after removal, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.

Lube should definitely be on your radar! As a standard practice in the realm of sexual activities, keep in mind that lubrication can wonderfully amplify the chill factor during those warm summer evenings. Water-based lubricants have the tendency to freeze rapidly, so it might be wise to consider setting a timer if you opt for this approach.

My personal preference leans toward placing lubricants in the refrigerator for a moderate cooling effect, avoiding the risk of them becoming entirely frozen.

Flavored lubricants have an added charm when they emerge from the fridge. Allow them to chill and then indulge in a cooling and sweet sensation as you drizzle them over intimate areas, enjoying a refreshing treat courtesy of your partner.


It’s still crucial to prioritize safety, hygiene, and communication to ensure a delightful and satisfying experience. By embracing the art of icy stimulation, individuals and couples can discover a new realm of sensual pleasure that adds a fresh, exhilarating dimension to their intimate moments.

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