Belgian Multicam: New Belgian Army Dress Pattern

Earlier Belgian army changed its dress pattern from woodland camouflage to multicam. Belgian Multicam is also a multi-colored pattern. There are multiple reasons to change the color pattern in the uniform. For the last 20 years, the Belgian army has been using a pattern of woodland. 

The woodland camouflage pattern was introduced in 1981 and has been used for military forces around the world and it has multiple variants. The same pattern has been used by the Belgian army from the four-five-tone woodland camouflage pattern for 20 years. In 1990 they adopted this pattern, which was the combination of rusty earth, dark green, and khaki green with smaller black-and-white shapes Belgian has been using Multicam since the end of 2022. Before that, they were using a Jigsaw camouflage pattern. 

About the Belgian Army

As per the historical information, the Belgian armed forces developed back in 1830 when Belgium gained independence and this armed force developed under the commander in chief. This army participated in  World War I, World War II, and the Korean War, they also battled in the Cold War. Recently, they decided to add about 2500 new soldiers by 2022. 

What is a multicam pattern?

A camouflage pattern designed to show a wide range of environmental conditions. First, it came out in 2002. This pattern has been developed by an American company Crye Precision specifically designed for the U.S. Army to hide the troops in the mislinious environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. Multicam has seven colors in it.   This pattern has been adopted by multiple countries. There are several reasons to adopt this pattern.  

As this pattern becomes so common and popular reason multiple companies have also started developing it new is also available for civilians.  Apart from that, there are multiple versions of it like Arid, Tropic, Alpine, and Black.

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Belgian multicam Looks

At the end of 2022 Belgian multicam revised the uniform of their army now it applies to all troops and they are going to change entire things including equipment, clothing, underclothing, bulletproof vests, rainwear, backpacks helmets, and accessories. 

This new uniform Belgian multicam has been launched by Ludivine Dedonder the defense minister of Belgium. The new Belgian multicam is a very comfortable and unique pattern and it is a protected pattern by the origin company.  This pattern is also applicable to the women in the Belgian army 

This new pattern is a lightweight fabric and contains multiple high-tech options to keep and hide the types of equipment for attacking and defiance purposes. The selected color pattern Belgian multicam is very helpful for the troops in every environment. The troops can hide in every environment whether it is mountains or jungles troop can be hidden.  

The companies choose it as an endurable solution in the uniform. It is chemical finishes and membranes are bypassed wherever doable. There is also a deal to collect the present clothing that is in use, process it ecologically, and give it a second chance. 

Reasons Why Belgian Chosen Multicam 

Since Belgian Multicam was released in 2002 since then it has been used by the U.S. Army and it has proven very good in the battle of Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014 Operation Enduring Freedom, in Iraq from 2003 to 2011 Operation Iraq Freedom, and in northwest Pakistan from 2004 till yet. After giving this multiple successful missions multiple countries decided the use this uniform color pattern. Belgian has also adopted this color pattern in 2022. 

  • This can be used in any environment. 
  • It is very difficult to differentiate from the distance whether it’s land or troop. 
  • As per the army tests, this pattern can be detected from a distance of 450m during the day and 250m at night. 
  • This has been measured by the R50 value, which measures the pattern values.
  • Belgian multicam has a consistent pattern that goes brown to light tan and a vast layer of unclear dark brown and cream-colored figures. 

The new uniform for Belgian multicam is equipment-specific

The latest uniform of the Belgian muticam has some specific features including a G4 Combat shirt, G4 Field shirt, G4 Combat pants, G4 Field pants, High loft jacket, and High loft pants. As is inclusively designed for men and women in the army which shows the equality among the army.   

With the compatibility of high-tech equipment and camouflage pattern Belgian Multicam, a new uniform of the Belgian army is very effective and helpful for the soldier to survive on the battlefield. Not only the uniform the Belgian army is also changing the color pattern of the other equipment this change has become a huge and effective change in the Belgian army.

Summing Up

The Belgian army has changed the color pattern from woodland camouflage to multicam which is a drastic change in the Belgian army it is not only for the male troops it is for females in the army as well and for both, they have different styles of stitching this new pattern multicam is very effective in terms of environment. As per the multiple army research, the multicam pattern is very easy to hide in the jungle as well as in the land due to its color combination and color density. Also, this pattern of camouflage is becoming very popular among the armies of multiple countries, however, the Belgian camouflage is particularly certified for the Belgian army. It has a combination of seven colors. 

As the Belgians changed it in 2022 before that they had been using a woodland camouflage pattern since 1990. For Belgian multcam has become a favorite color pattern for multiple countries.

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